Sara Bareilles

September 26 2014

In September 2014, Sara Bareilles performed live in New Zealand for the first time with one very special show at Auckland’s iconic Holy Trinity Cathedral.

New Zealand fans were introduced to Sara Bareilles in 2007 with her massive hit, ‘Love Song’, the first single from her million+ selling and multi-grammy nominated debut album ‘Little Voice.’

Bareilles’ 2nd album ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’ was released in September of 2010, quickly followed by her critically acclaimed ‘Once Upon A Time EP’ which was produced by singer/songwriter Ben Folds.

In 2013, Sara recorded and co-produced her third full-length album ‘The Blessed Unrest.’ The album features the hit single ‘Brave’, co-written with Jack Antonoff from the band Fun.

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    Friday 26 September, 2014

    Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland

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    SARA BAREILLES took us all to Church on Friday night – like literally, the show was at a church.

    Gracing our shores for the very first time, Sara brought her ‘Little Black Dress’ tour to Auckland for a sold-out show at the Holy Trinity Cathedralin Parnell. I cannot begin to describe how amazing the hour-and-a-half hour show was, but I am going to try…

    Sara’s multi-instrumentalist bandmate, Misty Boyce, opened up the show, which left us as eager to hear her again with Sara.

    The Grammy-nominated singer casually walked on stage at around 9pm and launched straight into ‘Let The Rain’. Reflecting the tour’s name, Sara wore a LBD and proceeded to tell the audience how she wished it was a little warmer, however it was okay because he is with us – referring to God. The audience laughed and this started off the many jokes she would make all throughout the night.

    Moving onto the piano, Sara begun to play a few keys of ‘Uncharted’ which sparked applause in the audience. She stopped playing and said, “Don’t act like you know what I am going to play”, which increased audience energy levels even more as the crowd swayed to the song as pink lights shone on her.

    Sara then introduced her band – the banter that goes on between these three was so entertaining to watch, it really left me wanting to be Sara’s triangle-player (or something like that). The three-piece sounded beautiful together as they played ‘Love On The Rocks’ – a song from Sara’s 2004 album,‘Careful Confessions’.

    Everyone going to a Sara Bareilles concert knows the story behind ‘Love Song’, so the crowd went a bit wild when she begun to play this. I had goosebumps, it was an ultimate girl-power moment. Even Sara noticed the intensity level as she congratulated us on singing our hearts out: “You sung your asses off, now you don’t have any butts.” She laughed as she continued: “I wrote this song because I hated everybody, now look where it has gotten me.” PREACH! Sara said so many funny things during the concert and they were all so hilarious, that I really think a Sara Bareilles concert-quotes book would be a hit. I really just want to be friends with you, Sara.

    Anyway, the mood got a little mellower as she begun to tell us about the songwriting inspirations and influences for her 2013 album, ‘The Blessed Unrest’. She dedicated the next song ‘Hercules’ to anyone going through something tough. Then Sara picked up her electric guitar and started belting out ‘Come Round Soon’. The church was a perfect place for her to perform, because she both looked and sounded like an angel.

    Next was a cover of ‘Chandelier’ by Sia. Sara sung it in a lower pitch and declared that Sia is an alien for being able to sing so high, as well as commenting on her cool hair and that apparently blondes have more fun (not going to disagree there). Again, the audience laughed a lot.

    ‘The Blessed Unrest’ refers to places a lot and a song on the album ‘Manhattan’ is really relatable and one of my personal favourites, so obviously there were goosebumps on my arms when she started singing this. The tempo picked up a bit after that melancholic break-up ballad as she thanked all her crew and the Kiwi hospitality she had been shown. The words “yeeeeeeh boi” may or may not have been uttered at some stage during this.

    Sometimes it pays to live in a little far away country… Sara next sung ‘Little Black Dress’ for us, which they had not been doing on the tour but “just felt like it tonight”. Some fans in the front had choreographed a dance to it, which prompted Sara to ask them to do it again in front of the entire audience. It felt like a huge family-vibe dance party with all of the ‘Bravehearts’ (the unofficial name of Sara’s fans).

    At this point, I had tears in my eyes. 50% from her amazing voice that was a gift that just wouldn’t stop giving, and 50% because she was so damn funny. The topic of ‘soulmates’ came up and she told us how she had been “musing on what it meant to be a soulmate” and asked if there were any love-birds in the house. ‘I Choose You’ was next in store for us, as an attempt to not be “so depressing” (as she was once told by a fan in Boston).

    ‘Sweet As Whole’ followed, which included some rather ironic lyrics to be singing aloud in a church. Everyone sung along to this song and you could really feel everyone’s emotions coming out as they sung along to the lyric: “That guy is an asshole.” It was here that we really saw her goofy personality as she let slip: “I am not even drunk right now, I am actually just weird.” Keeping on with the Boys Suck theme as she sung ‘King Of Anything’, she left me thinking, who would leave this chick, she is so awesome? Following on from this she thanked her New Zealand audience and promised us all that it won’t be an entire lifetime until she returns.

    Her first single from ‘The Blessed Unrest’ is a song called ‘Brave’ and its message is to people coming out about their sexuality and being brave about it. Sara started playing this and within seconds people had stood up, which then started a domino effect and within moments the whole audience were on their feet singing the lyrics back to her. It was a pretty special moment as the message of the song is so deep.

    Sara’s last song that she sung was ‘Gravity’, which was a moving piece to finish with. She had left the stage which immediately got the audience demanding an encore, so she came out again and sung Gravity before finally saying goodbye to us. Her voice was in the clouds and I have so much respect for Sara, even more after seeing her live – please come back soon!

    Lauren Page - Coup De Main Magazine

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