Civic Events

The Winery Tour

The Winery Tour is about three things that are great about New Zealand: our music, our wine and our scenery. from its beginning in February 2007, The Winery Tour has celebrated this country and its people, it is 100% New Zealand.

The Winery Tour was conceived in summer 2006 when promoters Brent Eccles and Campbell Smith were looking for a venue in Nelson for a Bic Runga national tour stop. On the advice of locals they booked Neudorf Vineyards in Upper Moutere for an outdoor show. It was a huge success. A magical performance by one of New Zealand’s greatest songwriters in a stunning location. The following summer the promoters announced the first national Winery Tour. They found wineries and vineyards that had the right “feel”, beautiful locations that they thought would complement live music and, of course, produced great wines, and winery owners who understood and were excited by the idea.

Civic Events

The Church Tour

In 2004, Civic Events produced a national acoustic church tour for Bic Runga around New Zealand, the idea springing from a show Bic had played in the Union Chapel in London in 2003. We have some amazing churches in New Zealand, beautiful places built for singing, soloists or choirs of voices. In that environment, perhaps accompanied by piano or organ, acoustic guitars, stand up bass and percussion, every note is crystal clear, at the front and all the way at the back; the sound is pure and magnificent. The tour was a huge success – the music, the leadlight and the bar heaters. It was a unique and special tour event.  From the seed of an idea in a serene chapel on a cold London night, through the national sell out success of this first tour of churches in 2004, and a few years of further germination, “The Church Tour” launched as an annual event in 2009.